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Western Energy Imbalance Market Letter to the Region

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

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BPA invites you to comment on the Letter to the Region issued on June 20, 2019 that captures the business case for signing an implementation agreement with California Independent System Operator. The implementation agreement would obligate BPA to spend funds specific to EIM participation. The letter also summarizes principles, proposes decisions on some specific issues and discusses the legal authority that are foundational to making this decision. Bonneville requests stakeholder comments on the letter by July 22.

For More Information:

Close of comment:  7/22/2019

  • WEIML19190001 -  Adcock

  • WEIML19190004 -  Schlekeway/NV Energy

  • WEIML19190006 -  Zichella/NRDC

  • WEIML19190007 -  Anyanwu/Seattle City Light

  • WEIML19190008 -  Pace

  • WEIML19190009 -  Ramsey/BEF

  • WEIML19190010 -  Dockery/Clatskanie Peoples Utility District

  • WEIML19190013 -  Tilghman/Tilghman Associates

  • WEIML19190016 -  Walter/Seattle City Light

  • WEIML19190017 -  Peacock/Oregon Public Utility Commission and Oregon Department of Energy

  • WEIML19190019 -  Useldinger/Portland General Electric

  • WEIML19190020 -  Garcia/WPUDA

  • WEIML19190021 -  Stratman/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • WEIML19190022 -  Inslee/Governor

  • WEIML19190023 -  Galle

  • WEIML19190024 -  scanlon/The M-S-R Public Power Agency

  • WEIML19190025 -  Heutte/NW Energy Coalition

  • WEIML19190026 -  Tanner/Renewable Northwest

  • WEIML19190027 -  Darin/AWEA

  • WEIML19190028 -  Russell/PNGC

  • WEIML19190029 -  Weber/Alliance of Western Energy Consumers

  • WEIML19190031 -  Neale/WPAG

  • WEIML19190032 -  Trolese/Public Generating Pool

  • WEIML19190033 -  Schroettnig/Eugene Water & Electric Board

  • WEIML19190034 -  Kytola/Slice Customer Group

  • WEIML19190036 -  Applegate/Tacoma Power

  • WEIML19190037 -  Tenney Dennison/Public Power Council

  • WEIML19190038 -  Berg/Snohomish County PUD No. 1

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