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BP-22: Rate Period High Water Mark Process

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BPA has started its formal process for establishing Rate Period High Water Marks that will be used in the BP-22 rate case to establish power rates for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. The RHWM is the amount of energy a customer is eligible to purchase at Tier 1 rates in the upcoming rate period. BPA shared its assumptions for preliminary RHWMs and the preliminary Tier 1 System Firm Critical Output at the kickoff event on May 19, 2020. In addition, BPA shared a proposal to extend the expiration date for New Tribal Utilities’ load growth CHWM augmentation, from 2021 to 2028. BPA encourages comments on this proposal and on factual matters relevant to individual or collective initial computations through June 3, 2020 which is the end of the comment period.

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Close of comment:  6/3/2020

  • RHWM22200001 -  Mendonca/PNGC Power

  • RHWM22200002 -  Mendonca/PNGC Power

  • RHWM22200003 -  Conger/Northern Wasco County PUD

  • RHWM22200004 -  Stratman

  • RHWM22200005 -  Sterzing/Umatilla Electric Cooperative

  • RHWM22200006 -  Parke/United Electric Co-op, Inc

  • RHWM22200007 -  Kallstrom/Snohomish PUD

  • RHWM22200008 -  Neale/WPAG

  • RHWM22200009 -  Stratman

  • RHWM22200010 -  Dahl/WREC

  • RHWM22200011 -  Gorsuch/Alliance of Western Energy Consumers

  • RHWM22200012 -  Deen/Public Power Council

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