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BPA issues Draft EIM Phase V Close-out Letter

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BPA released a draft decision on July 29 to join the Western Energy Imbalance Market. This proposed draft decision follows an extensive EIM assessment and public process over the last three years where BPA worked closely with customers and constituents to fully assess the impacts and make necessary policy decisions to enable the agency’s participation. In the Draft EIM Close-out Letter, Administrator John Hairston said he does not see any barriers or concerns preventing BPA from joining the market. However, he will not make a final decision until after reviewing all input from the public in this final phase of the decision process. BPA is accepting comments on its Draft EIM Close-out Letter until Aug. 23 and expects to release the Final EIM Close-out Letter on Sept. 28.

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Close of comment:  8/23/2021

  • EIM-V21 0003 -  Russell/Tacoma Power

  • EIM-V21 0004 -  Arnold/Renewable Northwest

  • EIM-V21 0005 -  Heutte/NW Energy Coalition

  • EIM-V21 0006 -  Weber/AWEC

  • EIM-V21 0007 -  MacDougall/PowerEx Corporation

  • EIM-V21 0008 -  Walter/Seattle City Light

  • EIM-V21 0009 -  Schneider/WPAG

  • EIM-V21 0010 -  Francisco/NRU

  • EIM-V21 0011 -  Cornelius/Snohomish County PUD

  • EIM-V21 0012 -  Tenney Denison/Public Power Council

  • EIM-V21 0013 -  Cutter/Idaho Conservation League & Columbia Riverkeeper

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