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Bonneville’s Draft Decision to Participate in Western Power Pool Resource Adequacy Program Phase 3B

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The Bonneville Power Administration (Bonneville) is seeking public comment on its proposed decision to participate in the binding program (Phase 3B) of Western Power Pool’s Western Resource Adequacy Program (WRAP). Bonneville has been active in the initiative to develop this regional program and is currently participating in Phase 3A, a non-binding informational program. On January 1, 2023, the initiative is transitioning to Phase 3B, which will be a fully binding program for participating entities. Phase 3B marks the final stage of a regional effort to develop a robust capacity reliability program to take advantage of and maximize regional diversity in resources and load to enhance reliability for customers across the program footprint. The determination to join the fully binding program would require Bonneville, like any other participant, to make contractual commitments, which include operational requirements and potential for financial consequences for non-compliance. Draft close-out letter:

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Close of comment:  11/17/2022

  • WRAP22 0003 -  Johnson/Tacoma Power

  • WRAP22 0004 -  Moser/Alliance of Western Energy Consumers

  • WRAP22 0005 -  Wangler/NRU

  • WRAP22 0006 -  Neale/WPAG

  • WRAP22 0007 -  Kerns/NLSL Group

  • WRAP22 0008 -  Sargent/Franklin PUD

  • WRAP22 0009 -  Marr/Snohomish PUD

  • WRAP22 0010 -  Tenney Denison/Public Power Council

  • WRAP22 0011 -  Edmonds/Western Power Pool

  • WRAP22 0012 -  Bush/EWEB

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