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Get InvolvedGet Involved BPA invites your comments on public processes, programs and projects. You can submit public comments here on-line or mail them to: BPA, P.O. Box 14428, Portland, OR 97293-4428. Please call us at 800-622-4519 if you are experiencing technical difficulties uploading your comment or attachments.

Financial Plan Refresh

BPA is seeking comments on the draft financial plan and draft sustainable capital financing policy for consideration in the final Financial Plan and new financial policy record of decision to be issued in 2022. Background information: In 2018, BPA published a Financial Plan that organized the statutes, practices and policies that guide BPA’s financial decisions and established a set of financial health objectives that are foundational to BPA’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. It is an important guiding framework for how BPA will maintain and strengthen its financial health. The plan contains three sections that build from and support each other: statutory obligations and authorities; financial policies and established practices; and financial health objectives.

For more information: Contact: Amanda Gobrele at amgobrele@gov or Nadine Coseo at

    Comment Period Ends  6/16/2022

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Allston to Astoria Rebuild Project

BPA proposes to rebuild its existing approximately 22-mile-long Allston to Driscoll No. 2 and the approximately 21-mile-long Driscoll to Astoria No. 1, 115-kilovolt transmission lines (see enclosed project map). Together, the proposed rebuilding of the two lines is referred to as the Allston to Astoria Rebuild Project. The lines are located in Clatsop and Columbia counties and cross sections of lands owned by the State of Oregon. The Allston-Driscoll No. 2 and Driscoll-Astoria No. 1 transmission lines, have been in service for around 70 years and are rapidly approaching the end of their service lives. The lines are experiencing performance issues due to age, inadequate design, and overall condition which results in continued loss of service. The lines need to be rebuilt to ensure reliable electric service and the safety of the public and transmission workers. Your comments will help BPA determine the issues that should be addressed in the environmental review.

For more information:

    Comment Period Ends  6/6/2022

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Vulnerability Disclosure Program

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